Friday, 15 May 2015

Rockablog 2: Return of

We're back!! The wardens have been out on Rockabill for just over a week now, but unfortunately a working electricity generator wasn't so quick to arrive, so forgive us for the lack of updates - normal service shall resume immediately!

So we set sail on Thursday last, enjoying one last visit to the chipper in Skerries before Eoin and Gerry of Skerries Seatours brought us out to Rockabill. 

Three months of supplies......mostly just teabags.....

Our last view of land before we set sail. (Skerries Harbour)

As expected, we were greeted by some curious seals at the pier and plenty of screeching terns overhead. The number present were only a fraction of what will breed here over the summer, but their numbers continue to build every day!

The Rockabill seals are always keeping an eye on us.

So it's been a hectic week - we've been busy making the island suitable for the Terns, we've had plenty of rain and sunshine as well as gale force winds that have given us a rapid start to our species list for the summer, and we've had our first eggs already...from two species! Expect blog posts on all of the above and more in the very near future.... We also have some new technology we'll be testing out soon, and our Roseate Terns are going to be on TV !

In the meantime, click the links below to hear me (Brian) talking to Neil Delamare on Today FM the day before we left, and Dave Fanning on 2FM after the first few days of being back on Rockabill again, with a new warden this year!

Brian talking to Neil Delamare on Today FM, before leaving for Rockabill
Brian talking to Dave Fanning on 2FM a day or two into the season

And read a newspaper article on the upcoming season/adventure here: Inishowen News


Rockabill Island - May 2015

As ever, a big thanks to the National Parks and Wildlife Service for funding the project, the Commission of Irish Lights for letting us use the island, the guys at Skerries Seatours for dropping us and our supplies out safe and sound, and to Dr. Steve Newton and Heather Cuddy for their help in getting everything set up!

Expect plenty of updates soon!

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